Our Story

Well, it’s pretty straight forward.  We love high-quality coffee, treats baked with love and a child with unique needs!  For the last 18 years, we’ve been on a very special journey, doing everything that we can as parents to help our daughter achieve all that she is capable of. A few years ago, we came to recognize that we needed to shift our focus from what she couldn’t do to what she COULD do.

As the road to adulthood started creeping up on us, a new question developed in our minds.  We began wondering what there was after high school for our sweet, and very capable girl. Just like all of us, she has a desire to feel productive every day, but she needs a little extra help to do so.

With the combination of my love for coffee and our hobby of baking together, the idea of opening an espresso bar and bakery came naturally. Here, she and others with similar “unique” needs, can learn business, hospitality and baking skills. They can also be face to face with the community and fulfill a sense of purpose, all while creating an excellent product.

You’re probably wondering why “The Wander’n Calf”.  Well, any parent of a child with special needs is truly on a journey, navigating and advocating through every area of life- medical, social, and academic.  It can be exhausting and lonely.  For our family, it felt like we were wandering for years just trying to find a place to belong.  The “Calf” represents their innocence and their need for guidance along the journey.

We want The Wander’n Calf to be a place where the community can get exceptional coffee, tea and sweets AND where those who have been"wandering", can feel like they have finally found a place to belong.

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